Every class begins with the Adi Mantra:


I bow to the Creative Intelligence. I bow to the wisdom within.

Class begins with a Kriya - a set of exercises that include yoga asanas, mantras, mudras, and breathing techniques. Every set is designed to bring about a specific result; detoxing the kidneys, stimulating the thyroid, releasing anger, combatting depression, building stamina, or purifying the lungs. Every class is unique.

A class usually includes a specific corresponding Kundalini meditation that may incorporate the recitation of a mantra, combined with a mudra, or hand gesture.

Every mantra has a vibrational frequency that brings about peace, raises consciousness, and creates lasting physical benefits.

Every mudra stimulates specific meridians in the body that lock and guide the energy flow and reflexes to the brain. The hand, like the foot, is the energy map of our consciousness and our health.

Pranayama, or breathing exercises, have numerous effects on the body and mind. Detoxing, energizing, relaxing the body and mind, controlling our emotions and thoughts are a few of many benefits.

Class ends with the traditional Long Time Sun Song, and concludes with the mantra, SAT NAM, Truth is my identity. My truth meets your truth as one.

About Kundalini